Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back To School Do And Don't

I went shopping today for back to school.
Back to school outfits are hard to pick. Let me help you out! Let's start with a jacket. You need a jacket for the fall and beginning and end of winter. A stylish jacket for that would be a jean jacket that's a little big for the sleeve to make it look cool. Then by a nice neon colored fake fur jacket for the middle of winter. Get some boots too. The best would be to get uggs for when it becomes chilly. Maybe a neon colored shirt or dress with neon colored or regular color jeans. Neon colors are really in right now. Remember wear neon colors for back to school. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing hightops or anything with a hello kitty logo on it. And no hightops either.

Hope you have fun being the most fashionable, pretty, and popular girl in school just because you read my blog!

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